Hellyer Mine Commercial Production, Tasmania

The commissioning of the Hellyer Processing Plant has now been completed and that during the fourth quarter of 2018, the company produced 3,991 dry metric tonnes (“dmt”) of lead concentrate, 1,537 dmt of zinc concentrate, and 4,291 dmt of pyrite/precious metals concentrate realising approx GBP3.2m (AUD$5.7m) in Sales. The Company is now consistently producing all three concentrates with sales occurring on a weekly basis.

“With commissioning substantially complete, NQ is now a producer. Having completed the acquisition and refurbishment of Hellyer over the prior two years, the culmination of Management’s efforts will make 2019 a transformational year for the Company. With the change in status to a producer, we believe there is substantial potential to unlock shareholder value.” stated Brian Stockbridge, Chairman of NQ Minerals PLC.

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Drilling for large metal deposits in North Queensland; Mine development underway

NQ Minerals is also developing two exploration projects known as Ukalunda and Square Post, in North Queensland. These projects are both located in prospective mining districts that form part of the well-­known Charters Towers Gold Province, where more than 20 million ounces of gold has been mined.

This is a region from which billions of dollars worth of metals have been produced, yet it remains vastly open for new discoveries and new mines to be developed. NQ Minerals is already outlining initial mine plans at the Sunbeam silver prospect at Ukalunda to provide additional cash flow to the company.

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Senior Stock Exchange listing underway

NQ Minerals has appointed a Nomad and are actively working with them and the legal and accounting advisers towards an application to list on London Stock Exchange. NQ Minerals aims to increase its share liquidity and its ability to attract greater institutional and retail interest in the company’s shares to the benefit of its shareholders.

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